The World’s Biggest List of Digital Banks

Do you want to keep track of innovations in digital banking? Do you run a fintech or digital bank and want to monitor the competition? Are you a venture capitalist or investment banker evaluating the digital banking market? This list of digital banks is for you.

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What is a digital bank? To be included in this list of digital banks, you must be actively providing at least one of the following financial services directly to consumers, businesses, or both: digital banking, digital payments, digital lending, investment services/solutions, personal financial management (PFM) tools, or financial education/wellness tools. Other types of fintechs and financial services firms will not be included in this list of digital banks.

Keep in Mind:

A digital bank does not need a full banking license or charter to qualify for the list of digital banks.

When was the last time this list of digital banks was updated? This list of digital banks was first released in early 2021. Updated quarterly, it now includes over 350 different providers of digital banking services, making it the biggest indexable, interactive and up-to-date list of digital banks in the world. The last update was January 2, 2023. The next update will be in April 2023.

How can a digital bank be added to the list? If you would like to submit a neobank to this list of digital banks, please click here.

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Is this list of digital banks limited to just the U.S.? No, this list of digital banks includes neobanks from around the world, including the UK, Belgium, Ireland, India, China, Nigeria, Brazil, Canada and many more.

What is the largest digital bank? According to expert analysts in the digital banking sector, NuBank based in Brazil is the largest digital bank by valuation. Chime is the biggest digital bank in the U.S., with over 13.1 million digital banking users. And Revolut based in London has more than 19,130,000 million users, making it the biggest digital bank in the UK.

To submit or update a digital bank listing, please click here. If you have comments, questions or suggestions about how we might improve this Digital Bank Database, please contact us.

Types of Digital Banking Providers in the List

Digital Banking Providing the same (or similar) transactional functionality as a checking account. Service intends to replace or compete with checking accounts offered by traditional banks and credit unions.
Payments Facilitating payments and/or money transfers between parties (e.g., Venmo, Zelle, PayPal).
Lending Providers offering loans and/or lines of credit.
Investments Platforms that allow investors to trade equities, bonds and other standard retail investments, or services that help investors research and analyze such trades. Does not include currency, crypto or forex.
PFM Tools Facilitates the analysis of spending patterns, classifying/categorizing expenses, building budgets, and/or aggregating accounts from multiple third-parties.
Financial Education Tools that help consumers build their financial knowledge and/or skills. Includes credit repair, credit monitoring, and credit building services.

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