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Why Adtech Needs Fintech

There’s no question that fintech and adtech have different missions and cultures, but fintech provides a model for a new digital media marketplace in three. Read More

The Future Is Bright For NeoBanks

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!NetBanker recently published a post titled Neo-Banking is Just Getting Started, in which Jim Bruene wrote: “I believe we will see dozens, if not hundreds, of neo-banks launch in the next few years.” Jim lists four reasons supporting his opinion: 1) Simple’s $100-million exit to BBVA; 2). Read More

NeoChecking: Not For NeoBanks Only

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!In a blog post titled NeoChecking Accounts I wrote: “GoBank represents a new type of product in the market, which, for lack of a better name, I’ll call NeoChecking Accounts. [But] it isn’t just the new type of “bank” that firms [like GoBank, Moven, and Simple] have to. Read More