Financial Education

The Amazing Money Maze

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!With economic upheaval on Wall Street, many Americans are looking for answers on a wide range of financial matters. O Bee Credit Union is telling people to “Get lost!” Literally. In a maze. O Bee Credit Union has partnered with a local newspaper and the Washington State. Read More

KeyBank Says ‘Money Needs Attention’

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!“Money creates money concerns. And genuine attention to money helps eliminate them.” That’s the underlying premise behind Key Bank’s latest brand ad campaign, “Money Needs Attention.” The campaign includes print, TV and outdoor advertising, as well as a microsite. The TV spots share the stories and concerns. Read More

BofA Targets College Crowd With ‘Morris On Campus’

Bank of America’s Morris on Campus,™ Life According to an Upperclassman™ is designed to “educate and empower students to take control of their finances and bank with confidence in this new academic year,” the bank says. Unlike other Gen-Y online promotions, “Morris” is not the product of a “spokester contest,” but is instead a 23-year. Read More

Mo Banking Knowledge ‘On Your Internets’

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE! Mo Rocca, a comedian and political satirist of some success, plays a man-on-the-street character in one of Bank of America’s latest promotions, “Mo on Banking.” In a series of online videos at a microsite, Mo reports wryly on banking topics, including this tidbit from the intro. Read More

Lead paint forces recall of credit union coin bank

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Coastal Federal Credit Union in North Carolina gave away 1,300 of these fish coin banks back in February 2007. Unfortunately, they have excessive levels of lead paint. Announcement about the recall here, and a local news story here. The affected credit union has 163,792 members and assets. Read More