Commerzbank Blends Brands Following Merger

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE! “A strong company needs a strong brand.” — Commerzbank When the third-largest bank in Germany merged with the second-largest, it left a big question: What to do about the brands? Easy. Pair the logo from one with the name and color of the other, and…whammy! You. Read More

Four Things Your Brand Must Be

Four principles serve as the underpinning for every great brand: differentiation, relevancy, credibility and irreproducibility. If your brand doesn't meet these four criteria, you've still got some work to. Read More

Virgin Should Shock Just About Everyone

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Some may question Sir Richard Branson’s timing. Why would he launch a bank now? Well, for starters, Branson is exceptionally good with money. Who better to run a bank than a guy who makes money almost faster than it can be printed? But there’s a more serious. Read More

HSBC Microsite: ‘Join the Values Conversation’

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!HSBC has introduced new components supporting its Soapbox promotion, including a microsite, TV spots and an exclusive sponsorship of the New York magazine video section. The (below) publishes people’s comments on education, jobs, technology and bottled water. The topics aren’t lightning rods that strike people’s hot. Read More

It Only Matters If It’s Measured

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Ever since First Federal Bank in Sioux City, Iowa, rechristened itself “Vantus,” the bank had been building its brand entirely around the idea of “simpler banking.” (UPDATE: The bank has failed.) From the “about” section on the Vantus Bank website: “We believe in simplicity. It’s our job. Read More

Is ‘Common Bond’ Part of Your Brand?

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Credit unions, as not-for-profit organizations, are required to limit their membership in order to qualify for their untaxed status. Historically, this helped create a “common bond” between credit unions and their members. But is this why people join a credit union — for the sense of belonging. Read More

What’s the Return on Branding?

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!A number of financial institutions ask, “What’s the ROI on branding?” It’s often the bean counters who ask this question. They want to see a “demonstrable rate of return” before making any investment. Certainly it’s a rational and reasonable perspective. But it’s essentially the same thing as. Read More

HSBC ‘Different Points of Value’

HSBC has been positioning itself as the “worldwide local bank” for a while now. They are a bank that takes pride in understanding the subtleties of cultural differences. Last year, they introduced a thought-provoking ad campaign illustrating how there are multiple perspectives on any given subject. HSBC tagged the campaign with a special URL, Read More

Inside-Out vs. Outside-In

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Here are two different approaches to building a brand strategy. 1) INSIDE-OUT You pick your own brand direction. You take a stand, confidently go out to the world and declare, “This is what we stand for and the way we are going.” A combination of gut instincts. Read More

Caja Navarra: Pioneers in Civic Banking

In northern Spain, there’s a bank that really gets branding. It’s called Caja Navarra, or CAN for short, and they could show community banks in the United States a thing or two about what’s really possible with “community banking.” They didn’t just slap a bunch of generic principles together and call it a brand strategy.. Read More

GMAC Launches Deposits-Only ‘Ally Bank’

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Roughly six months after GMAC became a bank in order to receive TARP funds, the financial services firm has decided to christen its new banking division as Ally Bank. Ally will be an online-only “direct bank” serving the U.S. as the deposit-taking division of GMAC Financial Services.. Read More

The Post-WaMu Blues: Chase Has Lost ‘That Lovin’ Feeling’

By Freddy J. Nager Founder, Atomic Tango So my longtime bank, Washington Mutual (WaMu), recently got taken over by megabank Chase. ‘Twas a sad day for us WaMulians, because, for all its faults — and it had a few — WaMu was a friendly place to bank, with everything from chirpy messages on the ATMs. Read More

Q&A: An Interview About Branding in the Financial Industry

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!These are excerpts from an interview given by Jeffry Pilcher, publisher of The Financial Brand. While the interview specifically dealt with credit unions, there are plenty of insights and advice here relevant to any financial institution. Here is the full transcript of that interview: What are some. Read More

This Common Bank & Credit Union Tagline Equates to a “Life” Sentence

“Your partner for life!” “Solutions for life!” “Banking for life!” Many financial institutions use this common two word phrase as part of their tagline. It makes logical sense for a bank or credit union to use this phrase, “…For Life.” It has a nice double meaning. On the one hand, it means, “for everyday living.”. Read More

Credit Union Core Values: Any Different Than Banks?

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!First The Financial Brand looked at the core values of 50 banks, then credit unions. How are they different? How are they similar? Generally speaking, banks and credit unions see pretty much eye-to-eye on their basic core values. Both give high rankings to Honesty, Commitment, Respect, Excellence. Read More

Intentionally Left Bank

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE! “Intentionally left bank,” is the only thing Seattle Metro Credit Union’s billboard says. How many financial institutions run billboards that look this uncluttered? (Note: This is actually a full-color photo. That’s what Seattle looks like in winter.) Seattle Metro Credit Union is running a simple-yet-clever brand-building. Read More

Redneck Bank Is Sure to Git Yer Attention

This ain’t no joke. Honest to gosh, Redneck Bank is fer real. Redneck, the online direct division of Bank of Wichitas, caters to a “Larry the Cable Guy” crowd — you know, those folks who need to take care of “personal bankin’ bid’ness,” as the Redneck site puts it. Indeed the site is drenched in. Read More