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Competing with Goliath

The cover story of ABA’s Bank Marketing January/February 2008 edition examines the ways in which “little guys” (sound familiar?) can compete against the megabanks. The article is titled “Can David Compete with Goliath?” Insights they offer to “little guys” looking to take on the big banks: Don’t try to fight the giants on their terms.. Read More

Compared to peers, Canadian P2P has conservative image

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!This past week saw the launch of not one, but two peer-to-peer lenders. The first, IOU Central, introduced Canadians toP2P lending with a conservative look compared to its U.S. peers. The website features images of folks who are arguably more mature than the stereotypical Gen-Y audience commonly. Read More

9 Points About Financial Branding

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!In the January 2008 edition of Credit Union Business magazine, correspondent Lin Grensing-Pophal writes that the “small town, homey brands” many credit unions have simply doesn’t cut it when expanding into business services. In the article, Michael Poulos, president and CEO of Michigan First CU, agrees. He. Read More

Gen-Y CU staffer defines financial branding perfectly

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Never mind that the author of this blog post is only 21, this kid nails it: “The best way to draw people in is to show how you are different from a bank; rate and fee changes aren’t going to do that.” His step-by-step advice is elegant. Read More

A look back at NewGround research from 2004

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!The Northwestern Financial Review ran a story back in 2004 on research conducted by financial consulting firm NewGround Resources. The study included 480 credit unions. From the article: Only 2% of those in the survey believed that there is “lots of differentiation” among credit unions 68% said. Read More

Ahead of their time: ‘Redbrand Credit Union’

In 1889, Peter Sommer invented a machine that wove steel wire fence to replace traditional wooden timber fences, making life easier for millions of American farmers. His invention spawned a midwestern steel giant, Keystone Steel & Wire Company.   Around 1925, Keystone introduced its first “Red Brand” fence. In a display of modern marketing savvy,. Read More