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Trends for banks and credit unions on how architecture and branch design impact the retail experience in retail channels.

It’s Official: UNCB’s ‘Gold Cafés’ Are Gone

Since April 2006, Union National Community Bank’s Gold Cafés were heralded widely around the financial industry as a fresh innovation in branch design. The concept was a revolutionary combination: one part bank branch, one part upscale, fully-functioning café. There were espresso drinks, smoothies, menus, patio seating, checking accounts, loans, and even “financial baristas.” The Financial. Read More about It’s Official: UNCB’s ‘Gold Cafés’ Are Gone

Robotic Safety Deposit Boxes

Has anyone actually seen this in action? It seems pretty cool. You access a secluded security room using an access card, PIN code or biometrics. Then once inside, you use your card or personal key to have your safety deposit box retrieved robotically. Gunnebo, one of the companies manufacturing robotic safety deposit boxes, suggests you. Read More about Robotic Safety Deposit Boxes

BNZ’s “Out of the Box” Brand

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!The Bank of New Zealand, now known simply as BNZ, has been doing some interesting things with their brand lately. They’re retailing off-the-shelf financial products – literally, in boxes. They’ve got an intensive mass-media campaign starring a herd of animated piggybanks. And to cap it all off,. Read More about BNZ’s “Out of the Box” Brand