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Branch Banking In A Multichannel World

Branches aren’t dead, they’re just different. Celent explores the future of multichannel retail banking in a series of reports, arguing that branches will remain both relevant and strategically. Read More

Branch Today, Gone Tomorrow

Best-selling author and financial futurist Brett King pens his predictions in a new book with an ultra-bullish perspective on the future of digital. Read More

Freeze! The Cold Hard Facts on Bank Robberies in 2009

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!You might think that bank robberies would be on the climb during The Great Recession. But so far, that hasn’t been case. Using official FBI data, The Financial Brand looked at bank robbery statistics for the 47,242 robberies of U.S. financial institutions that occurred between 2003 and. Read More

Convicted Bank Robber Shares Branch Security Insights

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE![Note: If The Financial Brand covered another industry, we probably wouldn’t spend so much time talking about security. But robbers rob financial institutions because “that’s where the money is.” Security impacts the consumer’s experience more so at financial institutions than just about anywhere else (except the airport).. Read More

The Future of Branches

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE![slideshare id=1436272&doc=thefutureofbranches-090514140430-phpapp01] “The Future of Branches” is another presentation by Jeffry Pilcher, Publisher of The Financial Brand and President/ICONiQ. It takes a look at trends in retail branch design, and examines the best practices for engineering a branded financial environment. The presentation features 50 photos and dozens. Read More

Why Chase Killed WaMu’s ‘Occasio’ Retail Concept

It’s been known for months that JP Morgan Chase planned to replace Washington Mutual’s innovative retail branch design with a much more traditional model. Now that the changes are actually being implemented, the failed thrift’s approach to branching is again being called into question. In a recent Wall Street Journal story, Charles Scharf, the CEO. Read More

2 Banks Thwart 1 Robber Using Great Service

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE! The would-be thief in this FBI image is a suspect in several bank robberies. The employees working in a Seattle branch of First Mutual Bank recognized the man immediately. They’d seen his photo on a flier from the FBI and knew he was a suspect in. Read More

Robbery statistics for Q1 2008

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Here’s the FBI’s latest data on robberies of financial institutions for the first three months of 2008. Type of Institution Robberies % Commercial bank 1,399 87.2% Mutual savings bank 32 1.9% Savings and loan 41 2.6% Credit union 132 8.2% TOTAL 1,604 100% Mode of Robbery #. Read More

How to Build Relationships with Branch Avoiders

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Be honest. If you didn’t work in the financial services industry, how often would you step foot in a branch? So how can financial institutions build relationships with those who prefer avoiding branches as much as possible? Here’s four ideas to get you started. Pick up the. Read More

The “Convenience” Paradox

Filene just released an interesting study called “Who’s Joining Credit Unions.” Of particular interest is data that suggests a paradox between how people feel about branches and how they actually use them. While credit union members think they need a branch nearby, the data tells a different story. According to the report, the majority of. Read More