Webinar: Solving the Real-Time Payments Rubik’s Cube


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The growth of real-time payments within the U.S. has presented FIs with a series of complex challenges: overcoming legacy tech without breaking the bank; meeting outsized consumer expectations for speed and convenience; connecting to money movement schemes/rails as they become available.

Additionally, the competitive landscape has expanded to include fintechs and non-bank players, who have gained a strong level of trust within the market — especially among Millennials and Gen Z consumers.

This webinar from Paymentus will discuss how the Paymentus Instant Payment Network® (IPN) can help banks and credit unions meet outsized consumer payment expectations in terms of payments speed, convenience, choice and control. Attendees will learn about the complexities found within today’s FI landscape (accelerated innovation, emerging schemes and new payment types) and how the Paymentus Instant Payment Network® can overcome these challenges without a massive, continuous tech investment. They will also learn the steps they can take to ensure their bill pay, loan repayment, P2P and A2A solutions are geared to meet tomorrow’s expectations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand today’s competitive landscape and why financial institutions need a holistic real-time payments hub
  • How FIs can future-proof their systems to accommodate for everything from bill pay to money movement
  • Why IPN is uniquely positioned and years ahead of anything else in the market today
  • How IPN enables sticky features (e.g., digital bill pay) and revenue driving opportunities (e.g., interchange fees, cross-selling)
  • The ability of IPN to support payments made through a wide variety of emerging channels, including channels such as text-to-pay and chatbot

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