Webinar: Programming to Support Your Communities During a Financial Downturn


Webinar: Programming to Support Your Communities During a Financial Downturn

Wednesday, February 22 at 2pm ET

Consumers are currently facing a deluge of financial setbacks: rising inflation, layoffs, and interest rates, to name a few. How can financial institutions prepare and support consumers during these challenges? By helping them build financial capability at the earliest ages.

In this live discussion, impact leaders from Fifth Third Bank, OneMain Financial, and EVERFI will chat with Jim Marous and share how educating students has improved their communities and built more financially capable, resilient consumers. Panelists will share the key types of programming that have worked best to build strong, trusting relationships—not just during the good times, but also during financial challenges.

Reserve your spot today to hear from Stefanie Steward Young, Chief CSR Officer at Fifth Third Bank; Paolo Garcia Abbo, Head of Impact at OneMain Financial; and Lauren Bernstein, Head of Customer Experience at EVERFI.

What You’ll Learn:

      • How to help consumers and students build financial resilience
      • Why financial institutions should play a key role in supporting consumers during downturns—and how they can do that
      • How to use a financial downturn as an opportunity to strengthen relationships with your community
      • How financial education programs can positively impact your brand, your consumers, and your community

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