Webinar: The Payment Pivot: Preparing for the Next Wave of the Consumer Payment Experience


Wednesday, August 31 at 2pm ET

Consumer payment expectations start as a ripple and quickly grow into massive waves. Inflation and other stresses are accelerating the transformation, creating highly challenging payments ground swells.

But there’s hope and opportunity for institutions willing to modernize their consumer payment strategy. In this webinar, you’ll learn five changes in consumer payment experience expectations and behaviors.

Key Takeaways:

    • Digital is having a senior moment. It’s not just younger age groups shifting to digital payments
    • Gaining the favor of payment apps as “the best card to use”
    • The amount of an average check transaction — and why it’s important
    • Fine-tuning your payment strategy to make every day more rewarding for consumers
    • The Great Wealth Transfer has hit a snag

Don’t miss this important webinar covering the past, present and future of payments.

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Marsha MurphyMarsha Murphy

Marsha is the Regional Vice President, Major Accounts & Investment Services for Vericast. She collaborates with her clients to understand their needs, brings relevant insight to the situation and provides engagement strategies to meet those needs. Together, they achieve the client’s goals of acquisition, growth and retention, while improving efficiencies to increase client profitability.

Marsha joined Vericast in 2004 and has experience working with brokerages, wealth management firms, banks and credit unions. Her experience makes her uniquely capable of providing strategic thought leadership for the complex customer experiences of today.

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