Webinar: Payments Modernization: What Does It Really Mean?


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The payments ecosystem is in a state of evolution, with the U.S. moving to adopt faster and real-time payments en masse. To compete with challenger banks and neobanks, banks and credit unions need to deliver tomorrow’s experiences, today with faster payment solutions delivered by scalable RTP technology. But how can financial institutions constrained by inflexible legacy platforms compete?

Join us for this session as Jim Marous and Al Griffin, Principal Solutions Consultant at Alacriti tackle the tough questions surrounding payments modernization and orchestration, why some financial institutions are lagging behind challenger banks and neobanks, and how they can position themselves to compete in the payments landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • What ‘payments modernization’ really means today
  • What challenger banks and neobanks are doing right
  • What legacy financial institutions need to do today to deliver modern payment solutions

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