Webinar: Get There: Building a Better Digital-First Bank


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Is your financial institution taking a digital-first approach to banking? If not, you’re at risk for declining deposits and rising attrition. Because consumers want to interact with you digitally—but they also want choice and consistency across all channels.

Financial institutions need to stop ignoring the demand for these experiences to be highly personalized and offer proactive financial guidance. So, it’s time to get serious about your transformation efforts and embrace a digital-first approach. And for many, it will require a culture shift and a laser-sharp focus on data. Join Synovus’ Liz Wolverton, NCR’s Doug Brown and Jim Marous to gain critical insights on how to get there.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of developing a digital-first approach to banking — and how to get there
  • Finding the sweet spot of convenience & experience vs. security & protection
  • Establishing a digital-first culture at all levels within bank walls
  • What the future holds for fintech, neobanks and crypto

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