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Every day, FI marketers are presented with new and innovative ways to take their marketing to the next level. However, something that seems to not always be addressed is whether the FI has the foundation built to be taking on these new challenges. Without a road, how are you able to build a roadmap? Are you collecting the data you need in order to take the next steps to implement new tools in your digital strategy? We answer these questions and more in this webinar.

Join Jim Marous along with Jim Pannos, President of Pannos Marketing and Melanie Coleman, Director of Strategy & Media at Pannos Marketing, as they walk you through the basics of building a digital strategy from the foundation up. That includes sharing the steps needed to collect the right data, how to implement it, and how to translate that data into tools such as personalization using marketing automation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understanding event tagging and KPIs
  • How to establish a hierarchy with your data
  • How to identify the data that correlates with your digital goals
  • Next steps on how to build off of the foundation you have created

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