TrendWatch 2020: CX Is One Story Told in Five Parts


Everyone’s trying to make sense of CX. You’ve encountered diverse interpretations, opinions, strategies, theories, and analyses about the emergence of CX as a fundamental business strategy. There is, however, one principle that connects them all — CX is very important and will become more so as digital consumerism grows.

Harland Clarke takes a uniquely modern approach to CX. We believe CX is a holistic strategy that begins at the consumer level—before they become customers—beginning with a consumer’s first interaction with your brand, wherever and whenever they encounter it. We also believe CX is one story told in FIVE parts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Building a process that connects with the consumer before an account is even opened and continue throughout the entire customer journey
  • Delivering a holistic, seamless, customer experience – connecting with customers when, where and how it matters
  • Matching the capabilities and services of the financial institution to the needs and expectations of the customers
  • Understanding customers as individuals and using customer data to anticipate their needs and create more relevant experiences

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