The Benefits of a School-Based Financial Education Program


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There is a clear trend of declining financial literacy, according to a study by FINRA Investor Education Foundation. On average, four out of five young Americans couldn’t answer a majority of financial literacy questions correctly. While financial education can take many forms, from in-person advising to educational blog posts for adult consumers, one of the most impactful ways to build financial literacy is through a school-based program for middle and high school students.

Join EVERFI for this webinar to unpack the transformative impact of financial literacy education on youth and how such training can make a difference in your community for years to come.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The effectiveness of youth financial literacy education on knowledge gain
  • What a schools-based financial literacy program looks like in a community like yours
  • How you can get involved before the deadline to activate schools in your community for the upcoming school year

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