Self-Service Analytics that Drive Trust, Confidence and Value Creation


Join Datawatch Angoss and other financial peers to learn about key trends in the data and analytics space. Explore the new tools and forces shaping how financial marketers interact with their data, placing a greater emphasis on driving trust and confidence.

With this rise in consumer demand for digital-based financial services and product offerings, solving challenges requires faster time to insight to avoid customer erosion and competitor disruption.


Picture of webinar speakers Michael Rowley, Jim Marous and Glen Sewell

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to define analytics in the context of solving business problems and overcoming barriers to success
  • Best practices for adopting a data and self-service analytics strategy
  • How to enable a culture of trust, consistency and collaboration
  • How financial institutions have leveraged data analytics to solve problems such as customer loyalty, risk mitigation, and others

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