Securing the Distributed Cloud in the Banking Industry


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It’s time for the next step in the evolution of cloud strategies. The most innovative companies are moving from just being in the cloud to coordinating all their assets in a distributed cloud structure that sees all hosting environments woven into a single delivery plane. This model makes the most of multiple channels, leveraging public and private clouds, using various public cloud vendors, operating multiple active-active data centers, using the edges of the internet that are closer to the users and the point of business, and much more. Hear from Q2’s Chief Availability Officer, Lou Senko and learn about this emerging strategy and how it can enhance your digital posture.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why innovative banks are switching to a distributed cloud architecture
  • The top five most critical considerations you must use when weighing the risks in your cloud strategy
  • How a distributed cloud allows you to execute with new levels of agility and trust

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