Mind the Gaps: Discover How to Stop Customer Demand From Slipping Through the Cracks in Their Journey


Wednesday, June 19 at 2pm ET

Generating demand for new products, like mortgages, loans, new accounts, and financial advice takes a lot of resources. When that demand slips through gaps in your customer journey you aren’t just missing out on revenue: you’re impacting productivity.

The first defense against disappearing customer demand is putting the right expert in the right channel at the right time. But that’s not enough. You also need to make sure everyone’s ready for what comes next.

Unsure where to start? Help is here.

Watch Jim Marous, along with Aaron Young, SVP Retail Operations from the Credit Union of Southern California, Jason Furer Senior Vice President-Channel Distribution Strategy at WesBanco and Katherine Regnier, the CEO of Coconut Software, as they provide advice on identifying your biggest demand leaks – and plugging them fast – using the right mix of people, processes, and tech.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to capture absolutely every opportunity across the full customer journey and convert demand into tangible results.
  • Tactics for preparing your experts in advance for the nuances of every customer conversation.
  • The importance of ensuring customers arrive ready to jump right in and confidently make decisions.
  • Tips and insights to measure staff performance and ensure staffing lines up logically with customer demand.

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