Driving Branch & Bank Marketing Decisions With Real-Time Data


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To be competitive in the post-COVID world, financial institutions will need to seek new opportunities in new markets. This year, one in ten consumers plan on switching primary financial relationships. That means being in the right place and getting noticed has never been more critical.

Opportunities to attract and grow customers are everywhere… but you can’t see the full picture without the real-time, relevant data analytics needed to drive both branching and marketing decisions. How do you determine which markets, neighborhoods and potential sites have the most opportunity, and what branch formats to put where? And then how do you attract and acquire the ideal potential customers?

In this session, we will reveal how the latest type of data can be leveraged in branching and marketing to propel new market growth. Learn how to infuse powerful location data and market intelligence into a smart physical channel strategy engineered to maximize every opportunity.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to align branch and marketing investments with market opportunity for maximum ROI
  • How to leverage mobile location data to understand where customers and potential customers are and how to reach them
  • How to deploy targeted digital marketing in- and around branch locations
  • How to more intelligently select sites to capture optimal market share
  • How to determine where to deploy the right format — from self-service “micro mobile” concepts to full-service hubs and flagships

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