The Need for Banks to Improve Financial Services for Women


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<p>Greater financial inclusion and literacy for women has been a hot topic in banking for years. Women have been locked out of financial discussions for many years across many cultures.</p>
<p>Based on recent research by <strong>Acxiom</strong> — including a consumer survey and interviews with financial services executives — this webinar will help you identify very different sets of preferences and behaviors between genders. This live webinar will arm you with important insights into this large and growing segment, and how the financial services industry needs new value propositions and tailored services to better connect with women.</p>
<p><strong>Key Takeaways:</strong></p>
<li>How the COVID-19 pandemic highlights how vulnerable women consumers are with respect to financial wellness. The situation exacerbates inequalities between genders and calls for greater attention to women as consumers.</li>
<li>How to deliver services that are convenient and recognize the realities of women’s lifestyles.</li>
<li>How to support women by gaining confidence in their financial decision making.</li>
<li>How to improve communication and collaboration with various people from family members to financial services professionals.</li>
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