How Your Financial Institution Can Leverage Niche Markets for Next-Level Growth


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The old rules that influenced how mid-sized financial institutions acquired technology and the tradeoffs they had to make no longer apply. Why? Because new thinking on old models brings new ways for banks and credit unions to deliver new products and services to new niche customer markets.

Hear from Stessa Cohen, Independent Banking Industry Analyst & Consultant, Jeffery Kendall, Chairman and CEO, Nymbus and Tim Hamilton, CEO of Praxent, as they explore how to build agile ecosystems that help FIs reach and engage new segments through the power of niche.

During this Conversation, You’ll Learn:

    • Why you must discard outdated preconceptions, and deliver next-level customer experiences with tightly-integrated systems processing.
    • How the development and delivery of products will change — and why it’s easier than you think (hint: You don’t have to start from scratch).
    • How to leverage niche markets, data, new product innovations and bespoke services to enable your banks to attain new customers and delight existing ones.

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