Delivering a World Class Experience: Best Practices for Digital Banking Conversions


Few events impact more customers more acutely than digital conversions and system upgrades. Unfortunately, banks and credit unions are so focused on “getting it right” from a technology perspective that the customer experience often doesn’t get the critical attention it deserves. You must ensure your audience is ready for- and feels good about the change.

It is time financial institutions embrace every digital interaction as a moment of opportunity to engage and delight customers. The rewards? A seamless and superior experience for your institution, your employees, your customers, and more — increased customer retention, more business referrals and improved buying propensity.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to gain new insight into the resources, processes and dependencies required to deliver a quality transition experience
  • How to design unique, optimal customer experience journeys for consumers, small business and commercial clients
  • The fundamentals of scheduling, user segmentation and proactive customer engagement and support

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