Overcoming What People Hate About Financial Services Communications


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The pandemic sent most financial services organizations scrambling to meet most — if not all — consumer needs via digital channels. As a result, marketing and service teams have leaned heavily on chatbots and automated responders. While these tools work well in simple situations, they fall short when consumers have complex questions, serious complaints, or lack the tech savvy needed to navigate bot-led conversations.

These are often critical moments in which financial services organizations will either win or lose someone’s business. Yet most have left their call centers and customer service teams ill-equipped to address these critical situations.

Join best-selling author and speaker Jay Baer, Customer Communications Expert Patrick Kehoe, and Jim Marous from The Financial Brand in this informative webinar to discuss this important topic.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What you need to know about the new reality of peoples’ expectations in order to deliver the best possible customer experience
  • How to ensure relevancy, personalization, empathy and speed in consumer interactions
  • How to modernize your business processes and systems to empower selling and servicing teams while retaining enough control

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