Enabling Branch Transformation with Modern Staffing and Execution


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One question every financial institution is trying to answer: What does the future of our branches look like? As digital adoption continues to grow, branch traffic declines, the sentiment is that having a branch location that is close is still important. So how do you maximize efficiencies, regardless of branch footprint, design, etc.? Through flexible, modernized staffing.

Regardless of the interaction/transaction, the branch staff is the most important component to providing a great customer experience. We have been talking about branch transformation for the better part of a decade, that has only been accelerated by Covid and will continue to be a focus for years to come. As the needs of customers continue to evolve, understanding how to best optimize your staff at each individual location will be paramount to the success of your branches.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How banks can blend the digital and physical to provide a consistent user experience
  • Why staffing templates no longer work and optimized staffing for each location is critical
  • As staff gets leaner, cross-trained, universal bankers will come more important than ever
  • How to utilize transactional data to have the required staffing/operational efficiencies

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