Turning a Bank’s Financial Wellness Program into a Growth Strategy


Consumer debt hit an all time high at $4 trillion this year, and financial stress has reportedly driven 7 in 10 Americans to tears.

Meanwhile, financial institutions face their own stress in the form of an increasingly competitive consumer landscape and aggressive acquisition and retention targets. To stand out, institutions are turning to innovative, digital opportunities to scale efforts, reach new consumers, and offer personalized programming. Employers are also taking notice; 24% offer financial wellness programs and incentives at work. As financial institutions seek new channels to acquire consumers and deepen their relationships, a new approach is taking hold.

Join EVERFI for this webinar to learn:

  • Key data on the challenges and trends impacting consumer financial wellness
  • Why employee financial wellness programs offer new opportunities for financial institutions to reach new consumers and build commercial partnerships
  • How to implement a hybrid digital and in-person approach to scale financial education for your consumers or business partnerships

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