Driving Customer Engagement and Non-Interest Income in Banking


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It’s more important than ever for banks to get customers more engaged. Having a healthy bank account does not equate to loyalty. Even dissatisfied customers may stay, simply because it’s too cumbersome to change banks. Instead, they start using other methods more frequently – such as PayPal and Venmo. This is why engagement and connection with bank customers is so very important. What valuable solutions can banks provide that will intrigue them to engage more, and how quickly can they get a new initiative up and running?

In this on-demand session with Jim Marous and Stephen King, Vice President at Franklin Madison, financial institutions will learn how leveraging insurance programs can enhance customer loyalty, increase retention, and generate non-interest income. They will also learn how their customers view insurance as part of an overall financial wellness plan. They will discover an untapped opportunity to provide valuable offerings to their customers to help with financial security.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How your financial institution can play a major role in your customers’ overall financial health
  • How to provide a holistic solution for financial wellness to your consumers
  • How to find new ways to generate non-interest income

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