Don’t Get Caught Off Guard: Strategies to Grow When the Refi Market Stalls


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Following back-to-back record-breaking years for the housing and mortgage industry, the market is poised for a major shift. Housing prices are at 45-year highs. Rates are already on the rise. The refi market is quickly coming back to earth. The easy days for marketers are seemingly coming to an end.

With the refi window slowly closing, the battle for mortgages will shift to cash-out, purchase, and investment properties. There will also be great opportunities within the auto, HELOC, and unsecured lending markets. To grow in 2022, bank marketers will need to focus their efforts on reaching those consumers first and finding the right products to meet their needs and keep the pipeline full.

What does this changing market mean for banks that are looking to grow their portfolio? How should banks be adjust their marketing tactics and product prioritization to meet the needs of consumers in 2022? How can mid-size banks compete given all these challenging factors?

What You’ll Learn:

  • What to expect with consumer lending in 2022 and beyond.
  • The expected impact of rising home values on the housing market along with other consumer lending solutions.
  • Tactics to stay ahead of the competition to keep your mortgage pipeline full of new opportunities.
  • Products and solutions marketers should focus on promoting in the coming year.
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