Creating a New Banking CX: The Future of Branch Branding


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The look of banking is changing – the challenge is how do financial institutions modernize and scale their locations while maintaining brand integrity and the trust of their customers?

With so many options for banking, customers have choices. In order to keep up with the customers’ evolving expectations, it has never been more important to shift the mindset to create a unified customer experience inside and outside of branches. Join Jim Marous and Stratus CRO Kurt Ripkey to learn more about how branding elements impact your customers’ brand experience and how the Stratus team partners with financial institutions to execute brand rollouts that make banking customers feel empowered.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What financial brand implementation is and how it keeps all of your locations consistent for your customer, from branches to drive thrus to ATMs
  • Why financial institutions are investing more in customer experience
  • Why exciting and engaging brand elements are crucial to drawing customers into your branches

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