Big Tech’s Influence on Digital Banking


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Alkami conducted primary research among 795 U.S. consumers in 2021 to better understand Big Tech’s influence on the digital banking experience. End consumers were well represented from multiple types of banks, including megabanks, neobanks and regional and community credit unions and across all generations, from Gen Z to Boomers.

Join Alkami Chief Marketing Officer Allison Cerra and Jim Marous to discuss these findings and how they compare with what’s currently happening in the industry. Key insights and points of discussion will be:

Key insights and points of discussion will be:

  • Users expect digital experiences aligned with what Big Tech can offer. Amost 40% of consumers agree that the “bank” of the future will be first and foremost a technology company.
  • When it comes to digital banking, the generation gap closes. Baby Boomers are more likely to prefer an engaging, ever-evolving, relevant, and multifunctional digital banking experience than all other generations. They are also just as likely as Gen Z to want it to be autonomous.
  • Tomorrow’s tech is today’s competition. Nearly one-third of consumers say they would switch from their primary FI to one of the major tech or fintech brands.

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