7 Ways Bank Marketers Should Use Data to Connect with Audiences


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Reaching consumers and businesses to promote your products is becoming more and more difficult. Research from Deluxe and the Digital Banking Report shows that marketers today have so many more challenges to deal with than ever before, including: Privacy changes, building their team, locating high quality data sources, getting organizational buy-in, and of course measuring their impact. Meanwhile, consumers and businesses are getting increasingly more picky about how and when marketers communicate with them.

Data is the key to overcoming many of the challenges plaguing marketers today. And the good news for marketers is that they have access to more data on consumers and businesses than ever before.  Join this discussion with Jim Marous, Sandeep Kharidhi, VP of Data-Driven Marketing at Deluxe, and Avi Patel, Chief Marketing Officer at Fulton Financial Corporation to learn how this data opens the door for marketers to be more timely, more relevant, and available on just about any channel.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why marketers struggle to connect with their target market
  • How data can help marketers to be more timely and relevant
  • Struggles that prevent organizations from being data-driven
  • 7 ways data can help marketers connect with consumers and businesses

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