Articles by Ron Shevlin

Ron Shevlin is Director of Research at Cornerstone Advisors. Check out more of his ideas and research on Cornerstone's Insight Vault. And don't forget to follow him on Twitter at @rshevlin.

Do We Hate Banks… Again?

Gallup released the results of its annual survey on consumers' perceptions of various industries. For the banking industry, there's bad news, good news, and surprising. Read More

Go Jump In A Data Lake

The hype surrounding analytics obscures the value that can be derived from simply making better use of data. It makes me want to go jump in a data lake.. Read More

License To Statisticize

If you drive without a license, you can be fined. If you practice medicine without a license, you can be fined. You should be fined for misusing statistics without a license. The fines could pay down the US. Read More

Will LevelUp… Level Up?

You know what's wrong with the mobile payments industry? There are some people within the industry who think the rest of this can't do. Read More

Banking Rebundled

Financial institutions will be the "attractors" of the future, rebundling an emerging set of banking services from a variety of. Read More