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Article Image: Why Credit Card Response Rates Are Declining

Why Credit Card Response Rates Are Declining

A Wall Street Journal from a few months ago suggested that the “pesky piles of credit card offers that clog mailboxes may taper off a bit.” (Hasn’t happened in my mailbox, that’s for sure). Citing statistics from market research firm Synovate, the article stated that: Direct mail repsonse rates has declined. Since 1992, the number […]

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Article Image: Engagement Myopia

Engagement Myopia

In an article on Chief Marketer‘s web site, Robert Passikoff, President of Brand Keys, called [customer] engagement 2006’s “holy grail and favorite buzzword”. In a previous article, Bob predicted that engagement would: Continue to insert itself between traditional marketing activities and an increasing demand for return-on-investment assessments, and will occupy a good deal of marketers’ […]

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Article Image: In-bound or In-terruption Marketing?

In-bound or In-terruption Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a hot topic. Fifty-eight percent of the firms Forrester Research surveyed in 2005 said they practice inbound marketing, while another 27% planned to do so by the end of 2006. But what are these firms really doing under the banner of inbound marketing? One man’s inbound marketing message may very well be […]

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Article Image: Why Do YOU Segment Customers?

Why Do YOU Segment Customers?

The marketing department at a large firm (with a strong sales-driven culture) was trying to get sales’ support to launch a customer segmentation effort. In one meeting, the market research consultant presented her psychographic analysis of consumers, outlining seven segments. She recommended, based on the company’s “brand positioning”, that the firm disregard three of the […]

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Article Image: Delusions Of Marketing Grandeur

Delusions Of Marketing Grandeur

In an article on, Jeff Mucci writes: “More and more companies are attempting to become “marketing focused/led” rather than sales or financially driven….A bona fide, world-class marketing-led organization has a clear long-term focus on core items such as retention, customer satisfaction, customer experience management, and lifetime value of a customer. Conversely, a sales- or […]

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Article Image: CYA (Count Your Assets)

CYA (Count Your Assets)

In the October 2004 issue of the Journal of Marketing, Roland Rust and colleagues wrote that: “Marketers are under pressure to show how marketing investments add to shareholder value…[and] must identify the assets in which they invest and how those assets contribute to profits.” Marketing executives know this all too well. But, in practice, few […]

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