Co-Branded Webinars

Partner with The Financial Brand and you could generate more than 750+ potential leads and qualified prospects for your company!

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Get in front of thousands of senior-level banking executives and ensure that your webinar will generate the new sales prospects you want. This is the ultimate lead-generation tool, enabling you to capture valuable contact information from hundreds of potential new clients!

With every webinar sponsorship, The Financial Brand includes the following:

1.) Lead Generation + Registration Form. We put a webinar signup registration form right in the middle of our articles (see example below). This is linked to a custom landing page hosted on The Financial Brand’s website, further capitalizing on the benefits of co-branding your webinar with us.

2.) 2x Dedicated Email Invitations. Get your webinar announcement in front of 40,000+ banking executives with two dedicated emails. This is one of the most effective ways to stimulate interest and attendees.

3.) 2x eDigest Newsletter Advertorials. Drive registrations to your webinar with two additional advertorial promotions in The Financial Brand’s weekly eDigest newsletters.

4.) Native Ad. These advertising locations on The Financial Brand’s website are among the most effective in our inventory. They work exceptionally well for content marketing promotions such as webinars.

5.) Social Media Promotion. Have The Financial Brand promote your webinar to our 25,000+ followers on Twitter, and to over 15,000 banking industry executives on LinkedIn.

6.) Webinar Archive. After the webinar, we will put a recording of your webinar (or link to your webinar landing page if you prefer) in our archive so that you can continue to generate new leads long after the webinar is over.

OPTION: Add Jim Marous as a Co-Host/Co-Presenter. Team up with renowned industry thought leader Jim Marous, co-publisher of The Financial Brand and publisher of the Digital Banking Report. Jim is one of the world’s foremost authorities on retail banking, financial services innovation and consumer trends. His presentations will inspire your audience, and attract additional registrants to your webinar. (Additional cost, and subject to availability.)

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