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The Financial Brand is one of the top three most-visited websites in the banking world, reaching over 1.65 million readers in 200+ countries annually.

Advertise on The Financial Brand and get your company in front of hundreds of thousands of senior-level banking executives every month. You could be generating hundreds of highly-qualified leads — delivered straight to your inbox — all for as little as $1 per click.

The top-performing display ad on the site this year generated 2,179 clicks in just 30 days.

If you want to put your company on the map and cement your name in the minds of banking executives, there is simply no better option than advertising with The Financial Brand.

We will build a custom plan tailored to your goals. But don’t wait, the site is selling out fast and space in 2018 is filling up quickly!

Click the image of the home page to enlarge. You can also see where these ads appear when readers are viewing an article by clicking here.

(A) Pop-Up Ads

Put your ad directly in front of every reader who visits The Financial Brand — 150,000 impressions every month. This large, responsive ad layers on top of the site, so your prospects can’t miss it.

The ad is shown to each visitor once between the 1st and the 15th of every month, then once again when they return between the 15th and the end of the month.

Size: 500 x 400 pixels (150K max)
File Formats: JPG, PNG
Duration: One calendar month

(B) Banner Ads

Command attention with a powerful banner ad that rotates randomly in two premier locations: one right in the site’s masthead, and again under the featured articles on the home page. The ad also appears above the headline whenever a visitor is reading an article.

Size: 565 x 90 pixels (90K max)
File Formats: JPG, PNG
Duration: One calendar month

(C) Sidebar Ads

These ads rotate randomly in three locations: one atop the sidebar, another in the middle of the sidebar, and a “sticky” location at the bottom of the sidebar that “chases” readers down the page as they scroll. This “sticky” ad is often the only ad readers can see on their screen. These ads are extremely effective, generating huge results.

Size: 336 x 280 pixels (90K max)
File Formats: JPG, PNG
Duration: One calendar month

(D) Native Ads

Want to drive traffic to your case study, blog post, white paper or research report? Or promote an upcoming webinar? These locations are perfect for promoting any marketing message in an editorial context.

Readers click on these ads because they can’t miss them! They show up everywhere — at the top of the site immediately below the nav bar, embedded in the main content on both the home page and articles, at the bottom of the home page and articles, and they are prominently featured in the sidebar. The key to success is using headlines and copy that feels editorial. This is truly content marketing at its best!

Headline up to 10 words + link
Up to 25 words of copy
• 150 x 150 pixel preview icon or teaser image (JPG, PNG)
Duration: One calendar month

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