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Failed CurrentC

According to an article in NFC World about MCX’s mobile wallet (to be named CurrentC): “Consumers will benefit from using CurrentC in four main ways: 1) Save money with valuable coupons and offers; 2) Earn rewards from participating merchant loyalty programs; 3) Pay simply; and 4) A more secure way to pay.” My take: In. Read More about Failed CurrentC

Merchant's Mobile Wallet Math

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!If my basement (where I work) ever floods (again), the three things I’m grabbing are my iPad, my iPod (with the hundreds of Grateful Dead shows I have on it), and my GonzoBanker mug. I’m convinced that mug will be worth…oh, I don’t know….$3 or $4 on. Read More about Merchant's Mobile Wallet Math