Women vs. Men: Two Different Perspectives on Money

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A study by Financial Finesse shows stark differences in the ways men and women feel about money. The firm analyzed more than 3,000 responses to an online financial planning questionnaire, revealing trends regarding spending, saving and investing.

Key Question: Does the apparent confidence men feel in their finances align with their behavior? Or perhaps are women more willing to admit their financial shortcomings?

Note: Sometimes with studies like this, it’s interesting look at the data conversely. 60% of women would say they don’t have a general knowledge of stocks bonds and mutual funds. 76% of women are unsure about how their investments are allocated. Same thing for 60% of men. That sounds like opportunity knocking for financial marketers.

Financial Finesse works with companies who offer financial counseling services to their employees. The firm has over 300 corporate clients who have a combined 500,000+ employees.

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  1. Interesting, when we hear that women–younger ones, anyway–are some of the best targets for financial institution marketing messages. I thought it was because they are making the decisions. Is it, instead, because they have so much to learn?

  2. Whether the men score better than the women is a moot point.
    The dismal fact is that all of the percentages are low.
    The handling of money should be taught early and effectively.
    There are too many “financial predators” lurking in our society.

  3. Here’s another comparison chart to give you a little more statistical data. I think it provides a good supplement. I was especially shocked by the differences between men and women’s salaries.

  4. The real reason is that women are generally much more in trouble financially then men. They earn less money, yet they are the ones responsible for the majority of household and childcare expenses.

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