1. Great article guys. I have many foreign friends trying to open bank accounts here in Ireland and it is a painful experience. It normally takes weeks of snail mail post to get an account up and running. How many manual touchpoints are involved in opening a current account that will in all inevitability cost the bank money in the long run. As someone who just got his Number26 account open I was hoping for a seamless online onboarding process. Unfortunately not. Failed passport verification, failed video call (3 times) and then having to physically go to an ATM to verify the card. It’s a great app but I’m not sure i want to go through that again. There has to be an easier way?

  2. Ron Shevlin says:

    Aidan: Thanks (on behalf of Jim who’s the person who really wrote this article) for the kind words.

    There are easier ways (see the Digital Account Opening report from DBR

    The funny (make that “sad”) thing about what you’re describing is that, after having to go into the branch to complete the process, the Branchophiles use that to say “look at the high % of consumers coming into the branch!”

  3. Great article! Contains many of the things we recommend to our banking clients regularly. I think one piece this article is missing is the element of hearing from and utilizing actual end clients to improve this experience. Understanding the customer journey can most effectively be done by actually talking to the end customer. Whether that be through usability testing, one on one interviews, conducting customer journey mapping exercises, etc. Users ultimately hold the key to the success of digital banking and testing experiences with them can truly take our experiences to levels beyond just being “user friendly,” to ultimately being engaging.

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