17 Critical Questions About Bank & Credit Union Marketing

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What forces are fundamentally reshaping marketing in the banking industry right now? What are the strategic priorities and major challenges facing financial marketers in 2016? What’s working, and what isn’t? How much should be allocated to marketing next year, particularly in digital channels? Where can belts be tightened?

Everyone wants to know.

That’s why we invited you to participate in The Financial Brand’s annual survey. We asked you to tell us what you’re seeing on the front lines, and what will be most critical to success in the coming year.

The Financial Brand only publishes a limited selection of the results from this survey in an article early next year; you have to take the survey if you want to see everything. Respondents who completed the survey get a complimentary copy of the “2016 Bank & Credit Union Marketing Trends Report,” with a comprehensive breakdown of all the study’s findings — everything from strategic issues and budgetary trends, to marketing ROI and media channels.

Subjects Covered:

  • Strategic Goals – Top priorities and key products/services of focus in 2016
  • Challenges – Critical issues facing financial marketers this year
  • Marketing Budgets – How much is allocated in which areas?
  • Marketing Media – Media channels used, and their relative importance
  • Measurement & Metrics – Tools used to measure success
  • Digital Marketing – The role of digital, web, mobile media
  • Marketing Analytics – How financial institutions leverage data

If you value these kind of insights and information, please consider participating in next year’s survey — fielded every December.

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