10 Branches Designed To Wow The Digital Banking Consumer

Despite movement of traffic and transactions to digital channels, the banking industry continues to redesign branches with new technology and smaller footprints. Here is a collection of some of the most interesting global examples.

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Umpqua Introduces Newest Version of Bank Store Concept

Umpqua’s Fox Tower store is the newest iteration of the company’s neighborhood store model. A smaller location built to reflect and engage the city, the store includes flexible meeting spaces, interactive digital product and app features and rotating products from some of Portland’s most compelling local businesses.

“Umpqua’s approach to banking is decidedly different: we believe it should be an interesting, enjoyable experience that reflects how important our finances are in our daily lives,” said Ray Davis, Umpqua Bank president and CEO. “Our new Fox Tower location is the latest expression of our bank store model, designed to celebrate and showcase what makes Portland unique, and how smart financial choices can serve the community’s residents and businesses.”

The smaller than normal 2,782 square-foot space includes the following:

  • Community Spaces – The store is designed to serve as a central meeting center for customers, neighboring businesses and local organizations. It’s outfitted with community meeting rooms, an electronic recharging station, free Wi-Fi, and a lounge area.
  • App Wall – A large-format interactive touchscreen first launched at Umpqua’s award-winning flagship store in San Francisco, the App Wall features bank products and services as well as a collection of in-house and curated mobile apps recommended by the staff.
  • Mobile Service – Store associates are equipped with laptops allowing them to open accounts or serve customers anywhere within the store environment.
  • Local Blends and Library – Customers can recharge with a cup of Umpqua’s signature coffee blend or Smith Tea while enjoying a curated selection of books and periodicals in the store’s reading library.

Umpqua 1

Umpqua 2

Umpqua 3

Umpqua 4

  • Local Spotlight – Umpqua also showcases its Local Spotlight program at the Fox Tower store. The program demonstrates the company’s commitment to small businesses by showcasing and selling products from local companies each quarter

Local Spotlight Umpqua

BOQ Creates Branch WOW!

Building a better Bank of Queensland (BOQ) meant building branches that created a WOW! experience. To create an experience their customers would love meant engaging with customers on their terms, when they wanted, and how they wanted … operating side by side and never across a desk or behind a barrier.

According to BOQ executives, this new look included:

  • Always side by side, in partnership with our customers (never across a desk/counter)
  • Customer is always in control and chooses how they interact with us
  • Self service is always an option, but never a mandate
  • Design aesthetic for customers
  • Flexible, dynamic space for customer/community events
  • Subtle moments of surprise and delight, leaving a smile





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  1. Open and airy, curved glass, comfortable seating areas – all wonderful design concepts, but better fit for restaurants or bars. I want to be in a private, secure area when I discuss my finances, not sitting at an open table top. Did anyone actually survey customers before embarking on these design concepts?

  2. david Proffitt says:

    Most of these seem over the top to me and will need to be remolded in about 3 years. Seems like a blend would make more sense.

    Styles come and go very quickly. Large capital investment to be quickly outdated.

  3. Should see what ATB Financial is doing in Alberta.

    Look up http://www.wrk-spc.com. They have some new ATB work.

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