10 Branches Designed To Wow The Digital Banking Consumer

Despite movement of traffic and transactions to digital channels, the banking industry continues to redesign branches with new technology and smaller footprints. Here is a collection of some of the most interesting global examples.

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Bank of China Modernizes Customer Experience

Bank of China launched their Branch of the Future pilot at Shengfu in the city of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province. In conjunction with the bank, allen international transformed the retail banking experience from the decades-old, traditional, service-dominated operation to a branch that for the first time provides staff with the platform to deliver a truly customer-orientated experience. Specialized retail-orientated training was included that placed BOC ahead of their national competitors.

One of the unique elements of this branch was the showcase of digital technologies and the launch of a new sub-brand called ‘Smart Banking,’ partnering with China’s largest mobile technology providers.

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Cariparma Crédit Agricole Creates Welcoming Environment

DINN! and Cariparma Crédit Agricole wanted to dramatically change the retail banking in order to be more customer-centric, by planning a warmer and cozier environment. The “My House Bank” concept reinvents the banking experience through the innovative design and the leading-edge digital technologies.

Design elements, such as the lowering of the ceiling, casual seating areas and the constant use of the wood, created a contemporary, yet warm setting. The lighting system was designed to create different environments. For example, there is a broad light spectrum in the central areas to accommodate the customer entering the branch area, while in the perimetral area the light is weaker, in order to create a touch of privacy of typical domestic setting.





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  1. Open and airy, curved glass, comfortable seating areas – all wonderful design concepts, but better fit for restaurants or bars. I want to be in a private, secure area when I discuss my finances, not sitting at an open table top. Did anyone actually survey customers before embarking on these design concepts?

  2. david Proffitt says:

    Most of these seem over the top to me and will need to be remolded in about 3 years. Seems like a blend would make more sense.

    Styles come and go very quickly. Large capital investment to be quickly outdated.

  3. Should see what ATB Financial is doing in Alberta.

    Look up http://www.wrk-spc.com. They have some new ATB work.

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