10 Branches Designed To Wow The Digital Banking Consumer

Despite movement of traffic and transactions to digital channels, the banking industry continues to redesign branches with new technology and smaller footprints. Here is a collection of some of the most interesting global examples.

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HSBC Goes Big With Digital Flagship

Covering two levels, the 12,000-square-foot HSBC Liat Towers Orchard branch is positioned as HSBC’s flagship branch, showcasing the bank’s digital banking and wealth management capabilities. What sets the Liat Towers Orchard branch apart is its design and use of technology to deliver a unique customer experience and an environment where customers can spend time discussing their financial needs.

The branch showcases an ‘enticing’ media display before you even enter the premise. An in-house team of bankers worked in collaboration with Spacelogic who provided design consultation and construction services.

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BMO Integrates Smart Technology With Human Touch

BMO Harris Bank opened its first-ever ‘Smart Branch’, combining a number of digital tools in the Rogers Park neighborhood. The new branch features:

  • Video tellers equipped to provide customers with live on-demand interactions with bankers on the video screen
  • Smart ATMs that offer customers options for Mobile Cash withdrawals without use of a debit card
  • Customers have instant on-demand access to a wide variety of specialized bank professionals via video streaming, for help with mortgages, retirement planning and other needs
  • Bankers armed with tablets to help customers with the new technology available in the branch and provide assistance for all of their financial needs.





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  1. Open and airy, curved glass, comfortable seating areas – all wonderful design concepts, but better fit for restaurants or bars. I want to be in a private, secure area when I discuss my finances, not sitting at an open table top. Did anyone actually survey customers before embarking on these design concepts?

  2. david Proffitt says:

    Most of these seem over the top to me and will need to be remolded in about 3 years. Seems like a blend would make more sense.

    Styles come and go very quickly. Large capital investment to be quickly outdated.

  3. Should see what ATB Financial is doing in Alberta.

    Look up http://www.wrk-spc.com. They have some new ATB work.

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