It’s one year to the day that I started this blog. When I started, I identified a number of goals I wanted to accomplish. I’ve accomplished none of them. But I would like to say a couple of thank-yous to:

  • Adelino de Almeida. I used to send Adelino drafts of some of my early posts to see if they passed the “adds value” test. Oh, and to see if they crossed the “too offensive” line. I’m not going to show you what didn’t pass the test.
  • Jim Novo. Jim was an early reader, commenter, and supporter. And if I could read only one blog, it would be his.
  • Everybody who subscribes to (and reads) this blog. I really appreciate it. Truly. No sarcasm. Special thanks to David Gerbino who was the second subscriber (#1 is a former colleague).

I’ve also decided to change the look and feel of the blog. I’ve dropped the “ROI” from the title, and changed the format. In marketing parlance, it’s called “rebranding.” It’s what marketers do every year to create the illusion of progress, so I figure I should do it too.

I’ve also added a new tag line. I think it’s more indicative of what I’m writing about.

If you really really hate the changes, let me know. (Not that I’m going to change it back, but hey, I’ll hear you out).

UPDATE: [email protected] Changed it back. And for one reason: Jacqueline and Elaine were right — the Comments font was too small. I couldn’t read it. Didn’t see that when I tried out the new format.  But I want Generations? to know that my changing the format back had nothing to do with his email.

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