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I’ve been pondering a profound question [for the past 30 seconds, anyway]:

What do you call someone who Twitters?”

I can think of one answer…but I’m not sure I want to tick off a whole lot of people by saying it publicly.

I don’t really get why this has become so popular (but then again, most of the people I interact with are over 30 and have jobs). So don’t expect me to put a Twitter box on my blog. I can address the question of “what am I doing” once, in this post, because, quite frankly, the answer doesn’t change all that frequently:

I’m at WORK, working. THAT’s what I’m doing. And for your sake, the sake of your co-workers, and the sake of your company — quit twittering and get back to work yourself. Or get a job. Whatever.

Jeff Larche opined that Twitter’s ultimate popularity will be with younger students and “people with plenty of time….and a high opinion of their own text-messaged voices.” God help us if the latter is a large market.

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