30 Questions About Bank & Credit Union Marketing

It's time for The Financial Brand to take the pulse of marketing in retail banking. Take our annual survey and help uncover important trends in the financial industry. We'll reward you with two free reports for participating — one on marketing strategies/tactics, and another on marketing analytics.
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What’s trending in bank and credit union marketing? Everyone wants to know. That’s why everyone should take just a few minutes to complete The Financial Brand 2015 Marketing Survey and tell us about your top challenges, priorities and critical areas of focus this year.

Respondents who complete the survey by December 31, 2014 will receive two complimentary reports, one from The Financial Brand on marketing trends in the retail banking sector, and one from Aité Group on marketing analytics in banking — a bundle of insights worth thousands of dollars. The Financial Brand will publish a limited selection of the results from this survey in an article early next year, but you have to take the survey if you want to see everything.

Take a look at last year’s research results. If you value the kind of the insights and information available in last year’s study, please help this year.

The survey presents 30 questions on a comprehensive range of general marketing topics, and should take roughly 15 minutes to complete. This survey is open to those who work at retail banks and credit unions around the world. You can take the survey as long as you are directly employed by a retail financial institution — you do not have to work in a marketing role.

Subjects Covered:

  • Strategic goals – top priorities and key products/services of focus in 2015
  • Challenges – critical issues facing financial marketers this year
  • Marketing Budgets – how much is allocated in which areas?
  • Marketing Media – media channels used in 2014, and their relative importance
  • Measurement & Metrics – tools used to measure success
  • Online Marketing – the role of digital, web, mobile media
  • Marketing Analytics – how financial institutions leverage data
  • Mobile Channel – the growing importance of mobile solutions in banking

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