14 ‘Branch of the Future’ Designs

As transactions in bank and credit union branches continue to decline, financial organizations are looking for new ways to use space, insert new technologies, provide cross-channel integration and create a better customer experience.

8. Suncorp Responds To Changing Customer Needs

Suncorp Bank set out to develop a new store design to support their differentiated service model and growth strategy, combining technology and genuine face to face service to meet consumer’s changing banking needs. The branch is equipped with a range of new technology, including an Intelligent Deposit ATM, a Coin Counting Machine, iPads and a Teller Cash Recycler.

According to the bank, the aim of the new branch was to simplify the customer experience and free-up time for staff and customers to really connect. The new technological features were designed to enable staff to spend more time finding solutions to meet customers’ goals.

The design and colour palette was inspired by the Suncorp brand, which was first designed to signify the sun, rainforest and earth. The feature ceiling canopy is constructed using bamboo with gives the space a warmth and uniqueness not expected in a banking environment.







9. First National Bank Kaleidoscope Branch

While not a new branch (built in 2009), this First National Bank of Omaha facility illustrates the power of unique material integration combined with illumination and color. In this case study, RDG Planning and Design employed a 160 foot point supported glass cavity wall that is internally lit with colored RGB LED’s. Patterns of local prairies grass and flowers shine through the glass, attempting to ground the building to its site.

While the original intent of the building extension was to be a billboard, the lit glass wall solution helped to blend and differentiate the building from the surrounding strip mall. The glass cavity also cuts through the interior of the building creating a continual element running through the building.

Although the glass feature is striking, the rest of the interior uses rich, dark wood tones which are both contrasting as well as complementary, creating the feel and aura of traditional bank design.







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