14 ‘Branch of the Future’ Designs

As transactions in bank and credit union branches continue to decline, financial organizations are looking for new ways to use space, insert new technologies, provide cross-channel integration and create a better customer experience.

4. Capitec Welcomes With A Big “Hello”

South African bank, Capitec, welcomes customers and prospects entering their branches with a big ‘Hello’ translated in several dialects. This helps set the tone for a bank that wants to emphasize the ‘humanness’ of building relationships and the importance of being friendly.

Designed by allen international, the approach is intended to be fresh, bright and youthful with an emphasis on being cost-effective to roll out. Using an open-plan interior, the brand’s core colors of red and blue are used to clearly define quick transactions and consulting.

After the initial branch launch, Capitec is in the process of implementing the new concept across their 500 branch network.






5. Piraeus Bank Branch Goes Green

An experimental, small-size special branch was designed to communicate the “green” aspects of Piraeus Bank‘s policy and to promote related products. The architectural challenge was to create an inspiring, informative micro-environment that conveys ecological values and concerns.

The essential elements of nature, earth-water-air-green, were embodied in a colorful organic design through the use of natural wood furniture, curved glass partitions, pigmented cement floor and colors. Ergo 7 Architects used organic forms, curved shapes, transparency, light and visual communication material for an effective information and sales niche.





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