Reality Check 2.0

Is social media a game changer? Or is it just a bunch of overblown hype? This thought-provoking session is not another rah-rah presentation singing the praises of social media. It will challenge your thinking, and leave you with a deeper, strategic and realistic perspective on what role — if any — social media should play at your organization.

Jeffry Pilcher, publisher of The Financial Brand, shatters the myths, outlines the challenges and shares the hardcore realities facing credit unions pursuing social media success.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The right- and wrong way to build a Web 2.0 strategy
  • Why social media isn’t for every credit union
  • Separating social media B.S. from real ROI
  • How credit unions struggle with social media
  • Why credit unions have so few social media fans and followers
  • How credit unions can avoid social media traps
  • What social media is good for …and what it isn’t
  • How credit unions should and should NOT use social media

Banks should not overlook this presentation simply because it focuses on credit unions — the material applies almost word-for-word.

Session Length: 33 minutes

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