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At $4+ Per Gallon, It’s Time to Fuel Your Promotions With Gas Giveaways

With gas prices soaring, there's no better time to use free fuel in your financial institution's contests, giveaways and sweepstakes.


Credit Unions Dropping ‘Credit Union’ From Their Names

A reader of The Financial Brand recently asked, “Is there any credit union that does not use ‘Credit Union’ in the logo?” The answer is yes. It's an increasingly common trend as…


Creative Showcase: Flash Mob, ATM Wrap, Fertilizer

A portfolio of 24 unique, unusual and noteworthy creative marketing initiatives from banks and credit unions around the world, including 19 visual illustrations and 13 videos. There are really a lot of…


Xerox FCU to become ‘Xceed’

“It’s great to put together a nice shiny logo and tag line and say, ‘okay here it is.’ But if people don’t get caught up in the excitement, it’s not going to…