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USAA Archive

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6 Ways Companies Fail at Digital Customer Service

In the move to beome a digital organization, some firms have difficulty replicating the 1:1 service customers once enjoyed.



Big Banks Promote Apple Pay Partnership

Before Apple Pay even been launched publicly, Apple's banking partners started heavily promoting their relationship in digital media.



Lessons in Social Media Branding from USAA

A financial institution's social media content should always be relevant — to banking, the brand and its audience. Learn from the best: USAA.



Americans Rank the Top 10 Best and Worst Mobile Banking Apps

Why did U.S. consumers rank Citizen’s Bank highest? And what three critical areas do several banks need to improve in? Find out here.



Banks Make Customer Experience Gains, But Credit Unions Are Crushing It

The banking industry has steadily improved their customer service and satisfaction scores over the last three years, but credit unions are way in the lead.



50 Of The Most Spectacular Website Designs In Banking

A portfolio of the most visually stunning websites from banks, credit unions and other financial institutions around the globe.



Experiments With Pinterest In Retail Banking Fail Miserably

A year ago, banks and credit unions were pressured to hop on the bandwagon. But one year later, has anyone capitalized on the promise of Pinterest? No.



Cool Tech: Mobile Banking With Siri-Like Voice Commands

USAA will be among the first banks in the world to start toying with speech recognition software on mobile devices.



Differentiate Or Die: Boring Banks Need Brand Personalities

Consumers view most banking brands as undesirable and undifferentiated, making the battle cry ‘Differentiate or Die’ more relevant than ever for financial institutions.



Javelin Identifies BofA, Citi And USAA As Top Tablet Banks

A new research report from Javelin shows tablet adoption in the retail banking industry growing to 40% by 2016.



10 Of The Best Banking Brands To Watch

There are some bank brands that consistently pop onto The Financial Brand’s radar. Here are 10 you want to study. Whenever you hear their names, you should pay attention.



BofA’s $5 Monthly Debit Fee: The Backlash, The Fallout and What It All Means

BofA's $5 monthly debit card fee could cost them 20 million customers.


5 Ways Financial Institutions Can Use Social Media*

Five examples of specific situations where social media can be beneficial...along with some significant caveats.


Spy on Your AdWords Competitors with SpyFu

Look up what any bank or credit union in the world spends on Google AdWords advertising.


Whack-a-Fee, Bingo Credit, Praise Singer, More…

Here's a creative showcase of financial marketing materials from banks and credit unions around the world -- 13 projects and dozens of photos and illustrations. You can click on most images to…


12 Technology Trends Shaping Financial Marketing

Here are some of the major innovations and significant online/technology trends that financial marketers should watch in the coming years. (Please note: This is by no means intended to be a comprehensive…


Members Help Members in USAA’s Online Forum

Reviewed and written by Jeff Stephens, CEO/Creative Brand Communications San Antonio-based USAA Savings Bank, which provides financial services to military personnel and their families, recently ended two months of weekly sweepstakes to…



"In a tough economy, you can connect with others and share ideas." That's the stated purpose of USAA's latest social media effort centered around an online forum hosted at In the…


USAA Defines What It Isn’t in Massive Ad Campaign

Usually known for its understated and reserved approach to marketing, USAA is going on the attack in its latest ad campaign, reportedly the largest ever for the member-based financial organization. The campaign…