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Banking Brands, Digital Media and Sloganitis

Traditional banking has relied on personal contact and convenient locations. Digital media threaten to render both moot. What’s a bank marketer to do?



Merged Credit Unions Roll Out New Brand As They Form ‘Solarity’

In this "merger of equals," both credit unions agree to abandon their brands and go with Solarity. Why did they change names? And what does the new name mean?


7 Reasons to Use Your Slogan as a URL

If you have a brand tagline, why not turn it into a memorable marketing URL?


This Common Bank & Credit Union Tagline Equates to a “Life” Sentence

"Your partner for life!" "Solutions for life!" "Banking for life!" Many financial institutions use this common two word phrase as part of their tagline. It makes logical sense for a bank or…


El Banco Deuno: Bueno Branding

The emergence of a new, educated middle class with a larger savings capacity has meant Mexico's demand for financial services is on the rise. Most Mexican banks have been slow to adapt.…


Credit Union Members Vote on Logo Makeover

"I'll be honest, there were initial apprehensions. But this soon gave way to excitement." -- Cas Scott, Companion CU Marketing Manager To support a new brand theme, "We're Listening," the members of…


Beware of VelociMergers and Bully Mammoths

Hampden Bank's campaign, called "Evolved," portrays out of town competitors as corporate dinosaurs that adversely affect local prosperity. The ads depict creatures with names like the "VelociMerger," "Bureaucradon" and the "Bully Mammoth."…



Four Myths About Bank & Credit Union Slogans

Financial marketers should keep these four myths in mind when creating taglines for banks and credit unions.


The Biggest List of Financial Slogans Ever

Slogans, taglines, mantras, catchphrases, positioning statements, rallying cries. Call them what you will, but countless financial institutions have them. Banks, credit unions, insurers and credit card companies — all of them vying…


RBC Bank And The Redundant Acronym

RBC Centura Bank recently announced it is dropping Centura from its name and is now RBC Bank. This name change brings into a focus an interesting naming phenomenon in the financial industry:…